Wednesday, August 22, 2007

It's That Time of Year Again

I've been back on campus for a whole twenty-four hours (roughly, anyway). Highlights include moving furniture, an episode of extention cord/power bar confusion (in which we sought to borrow two power bars from a former hallmate, only to find a power bar and an extension cord that my dear roommate had forgotten about), one Wal-Mart run, one Bi-Lo run, two meals in the Great Hall, a visit to New Residence Hall (which is desperately in need of a name), and more hugs than I can count.
I'll probably be homesick for the first week. I already am. How does a nineteen-year-old justify homesickness?

Hopefully I'll be kept busy; being busy will help me to focus on where I am and keep me from thinking about where I'm not.
I have to register, i.e. give the admin. all the information they already have so they know I'm still me.
I have register my car, i.e. make sure I can park on campus even though the parking lots are overcrowded.
Classes start tomorrow.
I never finished the book I resolved to read over the summer.

In the immortal words of Samwise Gamgee: "Well... I'm back."


Jobber said...

Ah, perchance a recent trip behind Jackson to apply aquired parking sticker?
I have found that one must be careful with ones sunglasses when hugging friends; mine are now a little bent.
First day of classes...completed.
That's right.
But don't hate me for it.
I have five tomorrow.

Elizabeth said...

I have one class today (in about twenty minutes, haha...), so I don't hate you for your schedule. How did you manage to squeeze five classes into you M/W/F schedule? o.O I managed four, but still...

Sorry about the sunglasses. "A little bent" = character.

Jobber said...

By having a Tues Thurs Fri class...
No one killed me at breakfast, despite my best efforts. Oh well, I didn't really want to die. Hey, only three more classes before the weekend!

The Sheep said...

I'm sorry to say this Elizabeth, but if you think Covenant's parking lots are overcrowded then you don't know what overcrowded means. You should have been at my high school. Now that was overcrowded...