Thursday, March 29, 2007

The March Post... Update... Thing

I'm afraid there might not be too much to this post; I'm just trying to remind the electronic world that I haven't been wholly beaten and broken into submission by Realityland yet.

March (AKA spring) has hit full-force up here on the mountain. I think there might've been a day of transition between winter and spring, but that's just life in the South for you: Tuesday you go through the day wearing two layers and a jacket, and Wednesday you're down to a tee-shirt and a light windbreaker tied around your waist. And it's not just the weather that's taking a turn for the better -- the entire campus is coming back to life. Trees are budding, flowers are blooming, birds are singing... and there is a good number of students who can be found sprawled out on the sunny chapel lawn like a plague of lizards coming out of hibernation. And keeping in mind that we are a Christian college, I do wonder (with some amusement) if visitors think the students are encouraged to participate in sun-worshiping, what with the way they're all lying prostrate on the ground whilst in the presence of the almighty sun. I would say they're all doing their yoga, but this goes so far beyond just Sun Salutations into a near-religious zeal and infatuation. Of course, irresponsible sun-worshiping does bring about an epidemic of sunburn... and I bet there is a remarkable shortage of aloe around here. Heh.

Another point of interest: Wikipedia says there is no biologically scheduled mating season for the homo sapiens species, but I beg to differ. From all my psuedo-scientific observations from the Official People-Watching Window of Room 340, I have concluded that if there is no mating season, there IS a biologically scheduled "coupling season". In the same way a majority of the Covenant student body has rediscovered life in the warm weather and sunlight, they also have apparently rediscovered that there is, in fact, a decent representation of the opposite sex on campus. I know that coupling up in the winter is a little bit difficult at times; after all, it gets hard to tell who's who when everyone is bundled up and only exposing the three-ish inches of skin from the tip of the nose to the eyebrow line. You either give all your friends name-tags or you get really good at identifying people by their eyes.
But in regards to the increasing number of happy little couples engaging in the Let's Get Together game, it baffles me as to how some of these people DO get together when I'm relatively sure some of these couples didn't know each other existed before the end of February, much less all last semester. This is typically the pattern of the Firs' Year student. Yes, although it might give the 2010 class a bad rep, I'm afraid that most of the "Spontaneous Coupling" contest participants are of the Freshman variety. It is a tad amusing, though, that I hardly see one partner in a Freshman couple without the other inseparably joined at the hand. My cynicism tells me that very few of these couples will make it past the three-month mark, but my common sense tells me to mind my own business. And my muses tell me to write about it :)

Fear not, dear reader, for not all is sarcasm and cynicism in this little world of mine. There is something in particular that has kept me excited all month: Founders Music Video Night. Now for those who are unfamiliar with this one magic night of entertainment, I'm pretty sure you can put two and two together here... all the halls in Founders (the building in which I live) each have the opportunity to make their own music videos that will be shown in a single campus-wide event. It is a competition --the hall who wins gets $50 for their hall, I think-- held in the highest regard, but it's more fun than I've had in a long time. The actual event is tonight, but we Gallery girls have been planning and filming our video all the way up until the deadline (last Friday)... and, of course, I was heavily involved with the filming. We had to use my camera, after all, so I was automatically assigned the role of Head Camera-Person, but I didn't mind at all. I think I'm too much a kindred spirit to Mark Cohen to ever turn down an opportunity for filmmaking. Of course, this all involved frustrating brainstorming sessions in when the filmmaker and the self-proclaimed director locked horns more than just once or twice (much to the annoyance of several other Gallery girls... apparently it's okay for everyone else to have opinions except me), the filming process and taking too many takes, too few takes, not enough varied footage, too little varied footage... not to mention the painful hours that our wonderful and amazing editor put into making the footage into an actual video (thank you, Ike!). I know it all sounds like a great way to get a stomach ulcer, but up from the ashes of disaster and frustration came a music video. I think that's pretty shiny. I'll try and post it if someone ever puts it on YouTube or the like... :)

And here at the end of March is where I must leave you, my dear reader. Until next time... (or next month...) Same blog time, same blog place.