Monday, January 29, 2007

The Weather Outside Is Frightful...

...and the classrooms aren't delightful...

*ignores the bespectacled asparagus in her head screaming "And stop being so SILLY!"*

And another semester begins. I've only been through my first month of classes and I'm already tired, even though I attribute most of the fatigue to my 8am class, which is a pretty big change in my schedule for night-owl me; also, I've only been back for a month and it's already snowed a couple of times. Well, nothing stuck, so it I suppose it flurried. ...very short-lived flurries. More like a distribution of snowflakes that one day hopes to grow up and be a flurry like its daddy. And while I'm on a rant about the weather, the cold temperatures freezing our fair campus only serve to remind me that, though I was born in the northern lands, I have yet to develop a decent tolerance to the cold. The only solace for my shivering soul is the knowledge that with this kind of cold comes snow, and with snow comes a snow day... and keep in mind, I'm a twelve-year homeschool alumnus from Alabama. Even when it DID snow (five years ago) I had no excuse of "There's no school today!" So the concept of snow days is, to me, the best thing since mashed potatoes. So, yeah. Baby, it's cold outside. (I'm sure you're just dying to know how many song titles I can fit into this post. Oh ho, ye of little faith -- I've only just begun.)

Tomorrow is our January "Day of Prayer", the news of which is greeted by most Freshman with a look of excitement and "You mean we get another one?" Yes, after the first month of each semester Covenant students are given a day to pray, have worship services outside of Chapel, and bond with our brothers and sisters in Christ... and, most importantly, not have to get up for an 8am class. And even though we, unlike other schools, may not get get off for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Labor Day, President's Day, Columbus Day, Groundhog Day, Winter Stolstice Day, National Talk Like A Pirate Day, Saturnalia, Lupercalia, and Every Crazy Person Gets A Driver's License Day... we get Day of Prayer. And we like it, almost as much as we like Preview Weekends (it's a weekend plus good food to impress the ikkle previewers -- what's not to love about it?).

I'm afraid this is all the update I can give you for now, dear reader. For now, I must go and read more in my philosophy textbook. Oh, how I love reading about Socrates and his wily boy-loving ways... but I leave you with your Website of the Update (warning: contains foul language and spoilers for 24). Until next time!

And on another ADD note, I now know that I'm too big a fan of Crossing Jordan; I debated doing a celebratory dance when I figured out that Lu was written out of the show for good. Is that bad? ...does it count for anything that I didn't? o_o;

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Pointless Update #2!

^^a More videos for your entertainment, but they're not mine. It's a Harry Potter fan-made flash video series called the Potter Puppet Pals; the videos are ridiculous, bizarre, and positively hilarious. And, although something so random should not follow a sequence, they have a specific order in which they must be watched. Here they are:

The first...

...the second... (slightly longer than the first, and more entertaining)

...and now the third.

I don't know if it helps to have a vast knowledge (trans = the tendency to do obsessive-compulsive Wikipedia searches for all those weird little questions that fans ask when they have way too much time on their hands) of the Harry Potter world, but they're still fun. The third video deals quite a bit with things related to Order of the Phoenix, like all the wizard angst and Harry's random outburst of swearing, and it kinda helps to know who Dobby is and why it's funny to the fans that Harry has nightmares about him...
On the other hand, if you're a Harry Potter fan that gets injured by fanstuffs easily (not that I blame you, considering the never-ending supply of fanfics that make you beat your head against a wall), let me warn you that these flash videos are actually a bit irreverent and rather stupid as entertainment goes. A naked Dumbledore is such an absurd idea that it goes through the back door of comedy and comes all the way around the universe until it's funny. Personally, Wizard Angst (the third) had me laughing out loud, and now there's the running joke between myself and three others on my hall that we Bother! each other in passing... so...

On an ADD note, Crossing Jordan is finally back on the air tonight! W00T! *dances*

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Much Funnier Than It Should Be...

My grandmother got the ten-year anniversery, THX-embedded Tickle Me Elmo for Christmas. I got to see it when my family went to Huntsville for New Year's and, well... you just can't help but laugh. ...and yeah, I know, it's bad that I found Dad grabbing Elmo's eyeball almost as funny as the toy itself. ^^;