Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hey, Mikey, I Think She Likes It!

Test, one two three... I just want to see if this mobile blogging thing works. Besides, it's about time for an update, right? Does this count?


The bit above was texted to my blog. Sweet success is mine! XD
...delusions of grandeur seem to be mine also. :/ Ah, well.

So. The latest obsession is the soundtrack from Across The Universe. I haven't seen the movie yet (curse you, Covenant, for your lack of bandwidth!), but it apparently coincides with an era of history I've started to research this year: the Vietnam War. And if all goes well, over the summer I'll start on the writing project that has inspired this research.

Tell me what you think:
An epistolary novel using the letters and journals of three friends; starts around 1960 and continues through the major events in the friends' lives, including the uprising of Jim Jones and the People's Temple, and the effects of the Vietnam War both state-side and overseas. One character will go off with the People's Temple crowd, one will go to Vietnam, and one will stay home (because home at this time was, as far as I can tell, far more complicated than it seemed).

Yes, it's involving a lot of research. Even looking at calendars starting in 1960 to get all the dates down proper, and possibly inventing a platoon for a character who will be the soldier in Vietnam. I mean, heck, if Homer Hickam can do it...
(pick up a copy of Torpedo Junction sometime and imagine all the research that went into that. He's pretty intense.)

Historical fiction could be fun. Hard, but fun.

Give feedback! Any ideas? Book/research material recommendations?