Monday, February 02, 2009

On Self-Publishing and Publicity

...well, not really. More like a couple of shameless self-plugs. -_-a

First, take a look to your right - you should see a new widget in that column for Twitter updates sent by yours truly. It's partially an aid to show the world that, regardless of how much or little I update my blog, I still live. Plus, Twitter is one of the coolest things I've mucked about with in the past year or so. Yesh.

Second, the short and fiction-like things are not coming along as well as I'd hoped. Fortunately, something else is: recently I began to load an ongoing project onto, and if you have the time, check it out. I'd love for some feedback, whether good, bad, or just plain ugly. ...with the exception of the last, probably. You can leave comments on WEbook only if you're a member, but feel free to leave comments here on the ol' blogspace, too.
Oh... and please ignore the obvious implications from the choice of character name. I tried to change it, but it just didn't feel right.

In other news...
Have you ever seen a highly attractive man maul a newspaper in a musical number?

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