Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Apparently, We're Changing.

It's official.

I know I wasn't very politically-minded on my blog during the drawn-out, dramatic, and ridiculously publicized build-up to tonight's election. This was intentional. It's wearisome to hear friends, families, co-workers, fellow students, or anyone else arguing the same old trip over and over again. It's a lot of wasted energy to get so angry about it. Even now, I'm just thanking God it's finally over; as of last month, I made my voting plans and stopped caring for the "right" outcome -- any outcome would have been, and is, a welcome reprieve.

Nevertheless... the finality of it all is odd. I kind of expected an outcome similar to the last election. I knew deep down that Bush was going to be re-elected, no matter what. This time, though, my hunch was off. Way off. It's the first time I've had to deal with being on the "other side" of the political realm.
I think there's a quote in Firefly that is something to the effect of: "It may've been the losing side... [I'm] still not convinced it was the wrong one."

So next time, I'm moving to England so I can Vote Saxon. Or, if I stay here, Denny Crane. He piloted his own starship, you know.


C. M. White said...

Well, I was on the winning side, but whatever.
I believe that quote was made in a bar in the first episode. Good stuff.

Soooo glad it's over. Maybe I'll stop being demonized by everyone who disagrees with me...unlikely.

E-mil said...

Naaaah... now begins the two-month grace period of everyone else complaining. XD That's what I'm anticipating until Christmas break, at least. Maybe it'll die down to snide remarks every now-and-then after Thanksgiving break.

I thought the quote was from "The Train Job" rather than "Serenity"... turns out it's from "Bushwacked" o.o; I am a fan of IMDB.