Friday, August 08, 2008

Just Your Typical Superhero Musical Video Blog.

Well, maybe not. XD

In any case, get excited, because Joss Whedon has struck again. Mutant Enemy put this together during the Writer's Strike; their little project surfaced in July, and I must confess, after I watched all of it I figured it would soon disappear from the internet all together (shameless plug: it is available for download on iTunes. Don't be cheap like me!). So I didn't post in the good ol' blog about it then.

And now that I know it's still up (wheeee!), I present it to you.

My dear readers, I give you Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog.

Disclaimer: it's about forty-five minutes long, so if you'd like to watch the three fifteen-minute acts at your leisure, they're on YouTube in parts. (yeah, I know, for some reason the three acts are each in two separate parts. Nine videos. And linking them all would be ridiculously tedious.)


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Caleb White said...

The individual acts in their entirety are available on if anyone's interested.