Thursday, November 05, 2009

Poetry Post: Blank Verse

Iambic pentameter is the least of your worries when battling writer's block. There really was a mantis watching me work. Ever had a bug for a muse? It's a strange experience.


The praying mantis perching near my book
stays safely out of reach, where she can watch
with compound eyes unblinking; every move
is analyzed. It’s hard to concentrate
and read with her in silent audience,
though I stopped watching her some time ago.
I reach to try and touch her sticklike frame.
She tilts her angled head so quizzically
at first, and inches back uncertainly,
then looks away to feign disinterest
in boring, docile humans like myself.
It’s cute. ...diversionary fun, but cute.
I try to leave her be and read my book,
but when I turn around again, she’s gone,
and all my entertainment goes with her.


Anonymous said...

:3 Bugbugbugbugbugbug....

>.> Randomly, if you want help researching PTSD, or other psychiatric disorders, I'm currently playing three characters who are soldiers/ninja--one functional family man, one insane man, and one war vet who's a head-doctor of sorts. :3

So if you want help then you can come poke me--also for medical stuffs, you know that....and some gun knowledge. <3

E-mil said...

Heck yeah! I've been doing some PTSD research on my own - there was a conference on trauma two months ago in Chattanooga, and that was immensely helpful as well.

Similarly, if there's any psych disorder stuff you're wanting to mull over, I'm taking an Abnormal Psych course this semester... :D