Saturday, January 03, 2009

There IS a Doctor in the House.

As of earlier today, there is an eleventh Doctor Who.

I'm excited... and a little blitzed. Maybe it's just because he's so freakin' young, but he looks like a guy I knew in high school.

Of course, with this news (which comes in the wake of a kicking awesome Christmas special) comes the expectation of David Tennant's regeneration in the next special, Planet of the Dead.
I haven't been into this show very long, mind you. The most recent season was already on TV when I started watching. I saw Nine's regeneration, but the knowledge of a very promising Ten was effective consolation.
I'm not sure how an attachment/adjustment to Ten will affect the viewing of the next special and beyond.

But I'm definitely excited about Eleven.

Oops. Totally forgot that Tennant is signed on for, I think, four specials, which will take his contract through the end of 2010.
Good Lord, I'll have graduated college before Eleven's adventures hit the screen. That's a scary thought.

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