Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Springtime, Inside and Out

My latest endeavor is not exactly as, shall we say... creative as usual.

Take a look at these. I found them outside my door Sunday morning, as a gift from my hall prayer partner.

(Of course, to make the process a tad creative, the photographer must take a semi-artsy photo of them... ^^)

Odd, aren't they? They're little planters. Each one has soil and flower seeds inside; the green is marigold, the yellow is snapdragon.

Please, withhold your "eggplant" puns.

Supposedly, the seeds will germinate sometime around Sunday. However, the only reason this is an "endeavor" is because I have never prided myself to possess a green thumb. I don't even have a green toe (unless I fail to nimbly navigate a room full of furniture in the dark; then it's a black-and-blue toe). So we shall see if these little buggers make it past their first few stages of development.

In the meantime... I hope the happy spring weather has reached you as it has me. We have returned to the days of leaving our windows wide open without freezing to death... and I am very pleased at the abundance of merry sunshine up on the mountain.

Now that the seasons are changing, all that's standing between me and the end of the semester is two-and-a-half weeks of classes, and another two weeks 'til the end of finals.

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Caleb White said...

Unfortunately, impending finals are doing battle with the sun over my ever-fragile disposition, and the former are winning by a landslide. =P

Fortunately, I now have a recording of the Ehle brothers of Rivendell playing God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen as a rock opera, which is nice. =)

Ah, parallelism...