Thursday, October 11, 2007

Say You Want an Update

I wish I actually knew how "Say You Want a Revolution" went, so I could start randomly singing it on my blog. Oh well.

Because I'm cheap and short on time, here's what I updated my deviantArt journal with. I hope it suffices until I have more time to reflect on these last few months of voluntary indentured servitude to my education.

I shouldn't be on dA right now! I have two tests tomorrow (one of which is my most dreaded foe: The Math Menace), and while I've been studying all week for them, I slept in this morning just because I could and now I've gotten nothing done all morning and still have five chapters of Doctrine left to review, a Credo to write, things to memorize, and math to review!
(how's that for a transcontinental sentence? *snicker*)


"The only thing we can report at this time is that there is nothing to report."
There's a good M*A*S*H quote for you.
And it's true. I have nothing for you right now; no art, no pictures, no writings, no nothing. I've been swamped since my last journal entry with all things school-related. Seventeen semester hours is definitely doable, but it takes a toll on some other areas of my life... like my art... and pieces of mah sanity...

But the good news is, I've been trying since September to finish the Pratchett/Gaiman book "Good Omens", and yesterday I succeeded before the real Apocalypse happened. That became my goal after two months of staring at its status of "Reading Now" on my Facebook page.
That should tell you how much time I get on a regular basis to sit and read.

The other good news is I'll be on Fall Break as of 2:00pm tomorrow!

Okay. Doctrine and Math are totally not being studied right now. I'll get back to you when I'm sitting at home bored out of my skull... And I'm looking forward to every minute of being bored."

So there. See you in a few days, my lovelies -- until then, it's back to studying for me.


The Sheep said...

Okaaay... this is strange. I left a comment on here a few days ago and it's not here now! It doesn't say you deleted it... I wonder what happened?
Well, basically I was jokingly getting on to you about not posting over fall break when you said you would, and for not reading my blog. I also asked when you will post a link to my blog? Do you even remember I have a blog? If so, you haven't said anything on it since my first post! Don't worry, I'm not upset. I'm just reminding you of my blog's existence. :)

Elizabeth said...

I know you have a blog. I read it. I have it bookmarked. Here is the official acknowledgement that I have read your latest update about what you did over Fall Break.
I leave comments when I have something to say.