Wednesday, April 25, 2007

No Wonder They Call it "Hell Week"

Today was the last day of class. This can only mean that finals are just around the corner.

A week from today, I will be completely finished with my Freshman year of college.

Ten days from today, I will be home for the summer.

Ten minutes from now, I'll still be wishing that today was next week.

This afternoon I was cleaning up my desk; packing up the non-essentials, throwing away papers from last semester, putting my books into boxes, and all the while feeling like I was packing up to go home tomorrow. Talk about agonizing. I'm two grains of sanity away from jumping in my car and driving home tonight. And driving home tonight would mean leaving my worldly possessions behind, getting fined for leaving my worldly possessions behind, and leaving my college friends for the summer without saying goodbye.

I have a heart full of wunderlust and a schedule full of tests. How dreadfully ironic.


Jobber said...

Might I suggest waylaying unsuspecting passersby in an encouraging manner as an independently beneficial method to deal with your problem?

Elizabeth said...

Ah, yes, that could be rather theraputic, actually... but only when the unsuspecting passersby look to be desperately in need of the aforementioned waylaying. And, of course, if they don't mind, because it's quite fun. *sheepish grin*
Oy, what're you doing reading my blog? Don't you have Linear Algebra to finish?

Jobber said...

I highly doubt they would mind.
I was taking a break from the test.
Now I'm waking up so I can finish the test.

Elizabeth said...

You make me very glad I'm not a math-science person, and very impressed at the people who are.
Six more days 'til the end of finals! And only four of those days are actual test days!

Jobber said...

Test is done. I think it went well. There was a satisfying breakthrough on one problem about half an hour before it was due.
Yep, so few days left. Persevere!