Thursday, December 07, 2006

Anything Is Funny In Retrospect

I suppose that all I'm really looking forward to next year are the stories.

You know the kind of stories I mean. They're different from the stories you try to tell people from back home. They're the ones that upperclassmen tell to lowly freshmen in their first semester; the one that rekindles a running joke, or perhaps starts a new one all together. Now, I've been watching for these stories all semester, and while I'm a little sad that I don't have anything to top The Gallery Couch/Window Story (to which the moral is "Make sure the RD is off the mountain before you try to throw an old disgusting couch out the window"), I have been assured that nothing could top that.

Currently in the lead:
*Our biggest running joke on Gallery, I think, is Tuesday. Tuesday is the crazy day, so if you do something completely insane that could become a story later in the year, just blame it on the fact that it's Tuesday -- the fact that everyone acts crazy on Tuesdays has to do with a conspiracy theory that the administration dumps their supply of liquid crack into the waterworks, specifically the pipes that go to the water fountains. And if you're caught acting crazy on a day other than Tuesday on Gallery, we have the perfect solution: "Every day is Tuesday on Gallery!"

*During Orientation Week, we kept finding new ways to meet people within our O-Team. In fact, our own dear Annie met Wes when he stepped on her foot during a violent game of "I Have Never..." and made her toe bleed.

*In this semester alone I have gotten used to being introduced to people as "Caroline's Twin", which is, in itself, a long story.

*The Psych Animal Lab suffered the loss of three rats, one seemingly right after the other, in the middle of the rat training process. One of the rats starved, we think; as for the others, no one is completely sure as to their COD (not like they're going to get Dr. Robbins to do a rat autopsy or anything...), but there was a scare that there might be a "sickness" going around the rat lab. Funnily enough, at the same time, my Psych class seemed to be sharing a cold from student to student :) ...okay, funny in a kind of sadistic way, I guess, but irony is fun.

*Kilter at the Tennessee Aquarium was cut abruptly short when the aquarium staff discovered that "someone" had tampered with the exhibits and threatened the once-protected aquatic animals' lives. There was also a turtle in the girls' bathroom, but he was unrelated to the exhibit vandalism. I don't know if the culprits ever came forward, especially when they saw the way the entire student body reacted (let's just say the posession of large amounts of dangerously hot tar does not go against contract...).

*Thirty minutes into Around Founders, the boys on Blackwatch accidentally set off the fire alarms with their fog machine. But all was not a completely horrible experience. Even though we got to stand out in the cold, foggy night for much longer than it should have taken to switch off the alarm, I got to watch the firemen try to get into Founders without an ID card. (Oh, I'm SO reassured that we will all be safe if we have an actual emergency -- especially if the police, the fire department, or the paramedics can't figure out how to get the gorram doors to open...) So please, if you're visiting Covenant, we ask very kindly that you not set off the fire alarms. I have a five-pound key in my room; it, like the tar, is not against Contract, and I'm not afraid to use it.

*On a trip into "the city" around midnight, Kate, Anne, and I were asked for drugs from a guy who claimed to be a runaway-from-home. We calmed ourselves down afterwards by hypothesizing that the guy could have been an undercover cop, since he really looked too old to still be living at home... (note: we also learned from this experience to NEVER GO ANYWHERE AFTER MIDNIGHT)

*In 23-degree weather, a trip from Founders to Carter with wet hair will most likely result in frozen hair. Yes, I admit, it's possible that I got a little too excited about it when it happened.... but it was wicked awesome, and it crunched, which made it all the more awesome. (Anne's reaction was the best -- she said "Oh my goodness..." all worried-like, only to follow with, "Wow, can I touch it?" ^^ I love my roommate...)

I'm actually rather fond of the latter two stories and hope they are eventually promoted into the story category. Though, if you keep watching the comment conversations at the end of the blog posts, they are quite amusing and, most of the time, somehow inevitably end with the realization that "this is just a HUGE misunderstanding!"

Your website of the day is yet another random bit of fun. Enjoy! ^^


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Elizabeth said...

Oh, no, it's not stress relief -- it's a distraction. Bwahaha...