Wednesday, October 18, 2006

A Little Bit of Fun

Yeah, so this might be a cop-out update. I hope it is entertaining nevertheless. ^^

First, a few quotes for you.

-From family-
from Kate (all said to me, funnily enough)-
-"No, I will not card-scan your butt."
-"You're obsessing about the butter. Forget about the butter! The butter is just there, it is nothing! Do not agitate the butter!"
-"I'm poking you with the Finger of Blame!"
-"There is no age limit on stupidity."

from Mom-
-"Yay, tropical depression!"
-"The eighth wonder of the tri-county area: The Verbena Triangle."

from Dad-
-(while watching CSI: Miami)
Horatio Caine: [pointing a gun at the suspect] "Move and I'll blow your brains out."
Dad [as the suspect]: "I don't have any brains. So there."
-(while watching The Snorks) "You realize that all we're doing is watching seaweed talk to each other."

from Elizabeth-
-"Microsofy? Oh, I do love typos..."
-"Croikey! Oi'm an Aussie poirate!"
-"Stupid Neopets. At least Beanie Babies had names you could pronounce..."
-(on the subject of Strip Monopoly:) "Alright, give me Park Place and your pants!"

from conversations between me and Kate-
-(while watching Sleeping Beauty)
K: "Oh, great, she's gonna look like a super nova."
E: "You mean, like, frightening and yet awe-inspiring at the same time?"
K: "No, more like millions of exploded gas particles..."
-(from Fourth of July 2005)
E: "I love family gatherings. It's the only place you can hear Aunt Kathy say 'queer' and Grandmama say 'crap'!"
K: "Yup. Once the magaritas come out, you can just sit back and listen to the blackmail fly."
-(while driving)
E: (looks out the window) "Oooh, birdsh!"
K: "Who are you, Sean Connery?"
E: "Yesh..."

-From friends-
Katie: "You don't want to see my cheese in the pool."
Lizzy to Suzanne: "Your brain is wired wrong."
JJ, after watching The Fantastic Four: "Alright, I need some metal gloves and a bunch of jumper cables!"
Katie, in regards to Phantom of the Opera: "Masquawooooo!"
David making fun of my typos: "What the crap is a Fruby?"
Suzanne to Katie: "KT-sama, I'd thank you KINDLY not to hit me over the head with a giant salmon!"
Katie in my kitchen: "I think that freezer just tried to eat my hair!"

And, for a few more laughs, the website of the day is a fun little experiment that shows how easily entertained a human can be. Enjoy. (and yes, poking DOES do something... just keep at it.)

Never fear! My next update will be back to normal.


Jobber said...

That's no cop-out; now you just can't use all those quotes again. They do, however, making for a hilarious post.

Caroline said...

They do making for a hilarious post?

Elizabeth said...

Oops. Forgot to warn everyone that the link requires a Shockwave update, but it's nothing too drastic nor will it crash a computer. Theoretically.

Quotes and running jokes are fun. If you ever hear me say "Yesh!", you'll know why. ^^v

Jobber said...

They do, making. You see, I had something in mind that they do, making what I wrote a valid argument.
Except, I do lie in saying what I just said, making what I just said invalid.
However, I do correct myself in the previous paragraph, making my lie in the penultimate paragraph no longer a lie, and, therefore, an invalid submission as such.
Unfortunately, starting this paragraph has changed which paragraph "penultimate" refers to (unless, of course, you are reasoning from a relativistic standpoint, which I hope you are not!
In other news
Elizabeth, do you read that comic strip with the cat and dog (I cannot recall the name)? The cat speaks in the manner you have demonstrated.
Sorry about the sesquipedalian comment, I've just been engaged in a writing experiment, namely, a journal for my college course "Introduction to Literature."

Caroline said...

Comic strip. Um. Furry. Fuzzy? I want to say 'Rhymes with Orange' or 'One Big Happy', but that's not it. (Besides, everyone knows it should be 'Rhymes with Amphioxus'.)

Jobber said...


Caroline said...

Ah, yes. Thank you.

Jobber said...

You're welcome.
"Ah, yesh" would be far more appropriate.
A friend of mine with a massive dart gun chased me around Mills today.